Foreign Language Courses


Do you or your staff need foreign language skills?

Want to learn at a time and place to suit your busy schedule?

Need to contact a company abroad but can’t get past the first hurdle?

Does your business want to open an office abroad?

  • Over 20% of all UK trade abroad is lost due to a lack of foreign language skills
  • 75% of incoming calls to companies are lost at the switchboard through incomprehension
  • Your foreign customers may sell to you in English - but they buy in their own language!
  • At the simplest survival level, feeling confident to cope with travel, accommodation and first contacts, can be a major step towards exploring new markets

Contact us for an analysis of your requirements. We offer training in a wide range of languages and levels at a time and place to suit your busy schedule.

Courses Abroad
Spain: 'Caxton College'
Located in Valencia, Spain’s third largest city and home of the famous ‘paella’ where stunning baroque buildings contrast with innovative modern architecture.

Portugal: 'SintraLínguas'
Located in Sintra, a beautiful, historic, town in the mountains, just a short distance from Lisbon and famous for its many royal palaces.

Italy: 'Omnilingua'
centro linguistico e culturale is located in the centre of Sanremo, close to the famous Casino and the historical part of the town.